1981 Highway 905 Conway SC. 29526

Williamson Mobile Home Estates & RV Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Pets allowed?

A. Yes pets are allowed. They must be supervised at all times and on a leash at all times when you walk them. Pets are allowed to be kept outside in a fenced in pen provided the animal is not nuisance and the outdoor pen is approved by the office.

 NO AGGRESSIVE BREED DOGS ALLOWED. ( Insurance regulations )   

Q. Are campfires allowed?

A. Yes. Before you light a campfire, you  MUST contact the Forestry Commission Outdoor Burning Notification #1-800-986-5404 for approval. You must follow the instruction given to burn a campfire. 

Q. Is cable tv and internet available?

A. Yes. HTC Cable is the provider and its up to the resident to contact them for hook up to HTC for the service at your expense.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Not at this time.  We accept cash, money order or approved bank checks for payments are accepted

Q. Where is the nearest Laundromat?

A. Simmons Laundry In Conway

Q. Do you rent RV / TRAVEL TRAILER lots on a daily basis?

A. We do not. We rent weekly or monthly.

Q. Is swimming allowed in the lake?

A. No

Q. Is fishing allowed?

A. Yes. There are designated fishing areas for our residents. There are rules and restrictions on catching and keeping the fish. See your copy of the Mobile Home & RV Park rules and regulations or call the office if you are not sure.

Q. Do you offer sites for pop up travel trailers?

A. No. We do not. We do not have bath facilities in the park

Q. Do you offer campsites for tents?

A. We do not. We are not a campground.